Here be dragons. I mean memes!

Sometimes a good meme just conveys the message in a way nothing else can.

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Asking someone if they clicked the phishing link

And then when I emailed them back asking if this was for real they said, Yes. Please click the Link. It's Safe.

When you try to get admins to practice basic server hygiene

Ask not what your security team can do for you, but what you can do for your security team.

When you see port 80 open and browse it to see what happens

Errmsgcrd. Intruder alert! Request not from Mercator.

Let me tell you about this company that does brand reputation management

Heritage (T)werks

After a few whiskeys at a SecDSM meeting

I saw orange come out of the vent. SECDSM!!!!!!1 It was the vent behind the whiskey still. Nuh-uh. Orange was with me eating free pizza. I can't figure out these tasks in electrical.

Announcing the miniCTF link be like

It's a beautiful day. The miniCTF is open and people are having a wonderful time.

#HackerBBQ but in February

It's still winter. The high is 51 degrees today. There is snow on the ground. It's melting. Fine. Grill outside. And when your food is cold it's your own fault.

Congratulations! Your phish prone percentage is 0!

Passing your phish test. Web security vendor blocking the phish test links.

If everyone is admin you don't have to know what the permissions do

Peaple with the admin role for reasons. The actual admins. Look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power.

I can't do my job unless I'm a local admin

What gives people feelings of power? Money. Status. Having local admin on their workstation

Blocking the TLD .ru be like...

Yandex? More like ban-dex. Am I right?

The day after you get the pentest report back

You get a Jira ticket, you get a Jira ticket. Everybody gets a Jira ticket

Cracking down on phish test failures

It stops clicking links or it gets mandatory phishing training again.