Again, I can't stress this enough. I'm not an artist, but sometimes I think it would be cool if I was.

The Good Dog

DemiCon in 2021 had a "creative manga/comic writing contest" instead of their traditional writing contest. This was my entry.

the good dog
i am a good dog.
so. goog. always.
when dad works. i keep him company.
yelling. sometimes dad yells at zoom.
sister says. we should play. with dad. make him smile. aroooo.
some days. it takes multiple aroos. but dad always smiles. bark. aroooo.
once dad smiles. i lay on my back. for finger skritches.
i don't know why. but finger skritches. while upside down. always make me sneeze. achooo.
if during zoom. there are enough aroos. then dad rewards us. with second breakfast. or first lunch. or second lunch. or first dinner... chomp. chomp.
dad and other dad. used to leave the house a lot. but now. every day is zoom day.
except weekend. weekend is dog park day. bark. bark. wag.
i hope. we can zoom forever. i love dad and other dad.

Monster, slime, etc.

Also at DemiCon in 2021 there was a "How to Draw a Monster" panel and a "Draw Cartoon Characters" panel.

that cat thing i don't know the name of