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Just a guy who: is politically jaded; a big geek; likes Viking shit (but lets be absolutely clear here -- all Nazis can go fuck themselves); works in InfoSec; is a hobbyist malware RE; loves bourbon, grilling & smoking, and drinking bourbon while grilling & smoking. Born and raised in Heaven...I mean Iowa... go Hawkeyes! Oh, and I have a serious problem with "shiny object" syndrom.

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Here are some shiny objects I may or may not be obsessed with right now.

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    Around the House
    Projects, stuff we are doing in the backyard, and other random shit like that.
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    Lol. I'm not an artist, but sometimes I think it would be cool if I was.
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    Food & Drink
    I like eating. I like drinking. I like cooking. Favorite recipes I don't want to lose, as well as some meals I don't want to forget.
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    Notes and references for myself. Maybe some samples I've looked at. Stuff like that.
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    Ever make a meme and then after you post it think, "This is some quality shitposting. I wish I had a place to collect these"? Yeah. That's what this is.
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    Misc. Tech Stuff
    Tech related notes and references for myself, other than the stuff I put in the Malware topic.
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    Video Games
    Not a hardcore gamer, but sometimes I like to share my exploits.
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    I make videos sometimes!

Latest Stuff

Here is some of the stuff I've added recently.

Jalapeno Margarita
Clover Club cocktail
White chicken chili
Yandex? More like ban-dex. Am I right?

And then when I emailed them back asking if this was for real they said, Yes. Please click the link. It's safe.
People with the admin role for reasons. The actual admins. Look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power.
You get a Jira ticket, you get a Jira ticket. Everybody gets a Jira ticket.
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